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Photo: Jeff Nolan, Founder, No Nonsense Hosting
Jeff Nolan, Founder,
No Nonsense Hosting

Jeff Nolan, president of Nolan Interactive and former website developer, founded No Nonsense Hosting with the goal of dispelling myths and difficulties associated with choosing a simple, secure, reliable web hosting company, and to provide a better, higher-quality service to his customers.

For twenty years, Jeff has been building websites and providing web hosting for clients from across North America. Jeff’s experience as a website developer gives No Nonsense Hosting a unique, competitive edge in the marketplace. Who better to design a web hosting platform than someone with intimate knowledge and understanding of how websites work.

“With Nolan Interactive's background in website development, we achieve three key objectives...”

  • A web hosting platform that is specifically designed to provide everything necessary for a website to operate at peak performance
  • Web servers that achieve optimum reliability with a focus on security
  • The ability to help our clients quickly resolve any website-related or other technical issues

No Nonsense Hosting sets itself apart from it’s competition by providing simplified hosting plans, impeccable technical know-how and tenacious customer service.

“We wanted to take the guesswork out of selecting the right web hosting plan for our customers because there are so many choices and very few people really understand what they’re really getting. The three most important ingredients for a successful web hosting product must include...”

  • Pro-active management of customer accounts, servers & the technology they run on
  • Personalized customer support with the objective of solving problems instead of blaming customers
  • Transparency if & when problems occur

”Every website is unique in some way. So another reason that we stand out is we get to know each customer (and their website), so we can provide the best support possible.”

Experience worry-free, optimal performance and tenacious customer support with a 30 day free trial.